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29 May

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I’m reading ‘Alices Adventures in Wonderland’ by Sir John Tenniel for the sixth time and I just can’t get this line out of my head….I truly wish I could believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast!


London Wishlist

4 May

London Wishlist

Clemens en august
177 GBP –

James Perse jersey skirt
$135 –

Dorothy Perkins cropped jeans
28 GBP –

Jimmy Choo leather slip on boot
625 GBP –

Heart jewelry

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$145 –

MAC ‘Quite Cute’ Nail Lacquer
$14 –

Quote #1

25 Apr

Et Voilà… enlightenment
You’re welcome


26 Feb

My Life At 22 is a blog about my life at the age of 22. It features posts on my life and the things I love. Who am I? Just a 22 year old law student from the Netherlands with a passion for food, films, literature, music, beauty and life in general.

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