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I carry so much junk with me that I’ve developed a hernia

13 Mar

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I personally am known to carry a lot of crap with me. Sometimes while walking in the city, people stop and stare in amazement. They see a girl carrying a large bag way too big for her body type. The bag is obviously very heavy because she’s walking as if she’s literally carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.  My bag is like a miniature black hole; it seems to fit everything and sometimes it swallows items hole, these items usually do not surface until I turn my bag upside down and force it to reveal it’s content.
The thing is: I actually believe I need everything in my bag, I am convinced that each item had a function. It is necessary to heave five different colours of lipgloss in my bag, even though I can only wear one at a time. I could fall and need a ‘hello kitty’ bandage. And even though I don’t smoke, somebody could ask me for a light (This actually happened the other day! Never mind the fact that I’ve been carrying a lighter with me for the past two years without using it once, until the other day that is).

I was seriously beginning to think I had a problem (“Hi, my name is ….. and I tend to carry so much junk with me that I’ve developed a hernia”). You can imagine my relief when I was watching youtube the other day and discovered a new trend: the ‘What’s in my bag’-video. Just visit youtube.com and search for video’s using the tag line:  ‘what’s in my bag’.  When I did the search today I found 788.000 video’s.  Women from all around the world reveal the content of their bag online and actually justify the need for every single item in their bag! The great thing is that people (including myself) are actually watching these video’s! Immediately I felt less of a freak show, knowing that at least I was not the only girl in the world over stuffing her bag and suffering back problems as a result.

Inspired by all the video’s on youtube I’ve decided to share the reason for my back-pains and reveal the content of my bag. I’ve forced my black hole to give up it’s content and since I have no idea how to make a youtube video I’ve photographed the results.

Warning: the amount of crap in my bag can be shocking to some people…

So here it is… I must say when I see the content of my bag all laid out and organized, it is not so bad (fase #1: denial).

From left to right you can see:

  • Elle magazine – I have a subscription;
  • My BBDP (big black day planner)- Nowadays people tend to use the day planner on their smartphone…. not me. I have to physically write things down or I will forget them. A big day planner works best, at the end of the year I have to use an elastic band to keep my day planner closed;
  • Glamour magazine – I don’t have a subscription, but it’s good to stay educated.. you know…fashion-wise;
  • Moleskin notebook- If I do not put my ideas to paper I will forget them;
  • Book ‘The Other Hand’ by Chris Cleave – I love to read plus I travel a lot by train and bus. Small English pockets are cheap and don’t take up to much space in your bag;
  • Gloves – It’s always SO cold and wet in the Netherlands!!! Cold hands make me cranky…;
  • Castelijn & Beerens Wallet (blue leather) – Everybody carries a wallet, no justification necessary;
  • iPod Classic 80 gb – I never go anywhere without my own personal soundtrack;
  • iPhone 3GS – I need to say in touch with my peeps;
  • Deodorant – well… you know;
  • Pen case – I have this recurring nightmare where I need to write something important down and I don’t have a pen, so I always carry a bunch of extra’s with me;
  • Sunglasses – Ray ban aviator-sunglasses. Because they complete every outfit and make me look cool;
  • Real 3d glasses – I go to the movies a lot. The other day I saw ‘alice in wonderland’ and you got to keep the 3d glasses. I  keep them in my bag because they are re-usable;
  • Small white make up bag –  I don’t carry a lot of make up with me. I have my mac lipgloss (color: deelight), Smith’s Rosebud Salve,  compact powder,  mascara, contact case, a perfume sample (she wood by Dsquared) and a small mirror;
  • Some other crap (gum, vaseline and a tea bag);
  • Camera – (not in the picture because I was using it).

Maybe it’s wise to search for a support group. But then again… maybe I should just buy a smaller bag.

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