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Playlist: New Discoveries – March

15 Mar

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Do you know the feeling? You’re listening to the radio and you hear a song that you’ve never heard before and just fall in love with it? When this happens to me I feverishly start looking for my iPhone and use either Shazam or Soundhound to identify the song. I love it when I discover new music or a new artist. I love new music that I can just sink into for days!
The following playlist consists of my recent discoveries (please note: this does not mean all the songs in this playlist where released recently or are preformed by beginning artists). I thought it would be selfish if I didn’t share my newly discovered songs with whoever is interested and on the lookout for some new tunes.

1. Beady Eye – Beatles and Stones
2. Bryan Adams – Open Road
3. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork
4. Diddy – Coming Home
5. Enrique Iglesias – Tonight (Ft. Ludacris)
6. Goldfrapp – We Radiate
7. Grits – Ooh Aah
8. Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody
9. Justin Bieber – Pray
10. Marsha Ambrosius – Far Away
11. Plumb – Cut
12. R.E.M. – Uberline
13. Rihanna – Cheers (Drink to That)
14. Sweet Thing – Change of Seasons
15. The Bravery – Ours
16. The Wanted – Gold Forever
17. The Wombats – Jump Into the Fog
18. Tyler Hilton – The World Will Turn Your Way

Click here to listen the complete playlist on grooveshark.com.

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